Unbox Sustainable Happiness through Wellness

Wellness is Nurturing your Being. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Well-Being. Bringing Vitality and Mindfulness Together to their Highest Potential

Our Care for Everyone

Nupurna Yoga and Wellness offers Customised & Stress-Busting solutions that generate the Happiness everyone deserves.

Corporate Wellness

Deadlines and other work pressures often leave Employees overwhelmed and vulnerable to stress. Covid, lockdown and WFH measures have further aggravated the situation. Burnouts and Layoffs are resulting in declining motivation levels.

Anti-Stress Meditation | Happiness Workshops | Desk Yoga

Corporate Wellness

Post-Covid Wellness

Covid attacks your overall Well-Being. Yoga and Wellness will help Replenish and Boost Immunity. Fight that Post-Covid Depression and embrace Happiness. Reunite with your true inner self, which is meant to always remain Happy and Blissful.

Immunity Booster | Breathing | Strengthening

Post-Covid Wellness

Pre & Post Natal Wellness

We offer Pre and Post-Natal Yoga Wellness for our Women nurturing another life within them. Our Programs are designed keeping in mind the risks and pre-conditions for the new mothers.

Deep Relaxation | Meditation | Flexibility

Pre & Post Natal Wellness

Gentle Wellness

We specialise in Gentle Care Yoga for Our Senior Citizens. We understand they need extraordinary attention in their Wellness routines. Our Programs take into account the age factors, risks and possible underlying conditions for the Seniors.

Deep Breathing | Relaxation | Chair Yoga

Gentle Wellness

Personal Wellness

Sedentary Lifestyle, Complexity of circumstances, and Stress often distance individuals from their true inner selves. Achieve Happiness and an all-round Wellness through Sustainability - Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social.

Toned Body & Mind | Happiness | Sustainable Routines

Personal Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness

Good Nutrition is a prerequisite to your overall Wellness. Complement Yoga with a balanced dietary strength for a well-regulated body weight, a stronger mind and a rock-solid immunity.

Assessment | Counselling | Diet Routine

Nutrition & Wellness

What you will Achieve





Our Story


Nupurna Yoga and Wellness is a combination of practices and experiences that bring Happiness. Conceived in the Heart and nurtured inside the Mind of a Yoga Enthusiast, Nupur Gupta (the Founder), Nupurna aims to transform lives through Wellness.

Nupurna is a combination of the words Nupur and Purna. ‘Nupur’ means ‘Ornament’ in Hindi and ‘Purna’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Fulfilled’. Living up-to its name, Nupurna introduces you to the deepest potential of Self Care & Wellness towards generating Happiness and Sustainability.

Nupura Wellness is driven by Nupur’s 15 years of Self-Transformation journey that entailed her encounter and ultimate fusion with Yoga. In the quest of learning more about the rejuvenating practices during her early 20s, she went on to discover a new way of life. This is where she embraced Holistic Living and combined it with her inclination towards the softer aspects of her work life (as a Marketing Professional ), which included Empathy, Compassion, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Resilience.

Nupur decided to support others by sharing her discovery about Happiness and Wellness with everyone. With that focus, she completed her Professional Yoga Teachers’ Training from International Sivananda Yoga & Vedanta Centre in Kerala, India and began to train others at the Ashram. This was where Nupurna Yoga & Wellness was conceived and shaped up to address a relevant problem in our society- Unhappiness. With her Business Marketing background, she excels in Collaborations, Research and Sustainable Employee Delightment.

During this period, she met her life partner and relocated with him to the Netherlands, from where she currently operates.

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Meet our Teachers & Experts

Aditya Dasari
Aditya Dasari Movement & Mobility Coach | Professional Listener | Vinyasa Flow
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Aditya believes that ‘Body benefits from Movements, Mind benefits from Stillness, in between there is Breath
Sandeep Negi
Sandeep Negi Hatha Yoga | Breathing Techniques | Cleansing Techniques
Read More
Sandeep is a perfect blend of a Seasoned Practitioner and an Empathetic Teacher
Aarti Aneja
Aarti Aneja Meditation Expert | Stress & Anxiety Therapist | Cognitive Coach
Read More
Aarti, with her unique Meditation Techniques and Counselling, has transformed several lives
Nupur Gupta
Nupur Gupta Post-Covid Care | Gentle Yoga | Wellness Coach
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Passionate for Well-Being, Nupur brings an Unconventional approach towards generating Happiness and Vitality


Nurture Yourself and Support the Needy Simultaneously

Through this initiative, we create a unique opportunity for Socially Responsible Corporate Citizens worldwide to provide the much-needed support to their Employees, and at the same time, fulfil their CSR goals by helping a Country in need.


The second wave of Covid-19, as is evident, has had a perpetually disastrous impact on India, leaving her as one of the most severely hit nations in the World. India needs you. India needs your support.

Let’s Support CSR for India

Employee Benefits

Your Employees will benefit from our wellness session for stress release and reduced burnouts rates, which will eventually result in improved Productivity and Vitality. This will overall help the Corporates ensure Sustainability and Delivery Excellence.

Access to Authentic Talent

Our Teachers & Experts are employed from India- The birthplace of Yoga. Also by affiliating with Nupurna, they can generate income and cope with the financial instability caused in the current situation of Pandemic.

Shared Value

By contributing towards the humanitarian cause. Nupurna Yoga and Wellness will dedicate 5% of the earnings through this project to the foundations and fundraisers working for Covid relief in India via Oxygen Supply, Child Care and Education.



We’ve always believed and helped prove that Happiness is Abundant, and can be acquired through regular practice of Yoga.

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Years of Experience

As a team, we bring together a collective experience of 21 years in acclaimed Yoga and Wellness practices.

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Lives Touched

We have transformed thousands of lives through Yoga and Holistic Living.  

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Demographies Covered

Our Wellness reach has been diverse, and we have served people across various countries and continents


Everyone deserves Happiness. Nupurna envisages Happiness & Well-being for the People across the Globe.

We’re Committed to achieving it by creating awareness about Yoga & Wellness, and making it an integral part of everyone’s life.

Nupurna will help you generate a Happier Body, Mind and Soul.

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